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Betting on Football

Monday, July 6th, 2015

Today, American football is the hottest sport event in many countries, particularly the NFL. According to its popularity it will handicap baseball, hockey and basketball.

NFL consists of 32 teams, which are divided into eight divisions. Each of the teams during the season played 16 matches, eight at home and eight on the away. The season in the NFL is very short compared to other leagues in North America from September to February.

  1. Betting odds

The most popular form of betting in football is a bet on the odds. Looking through the line matches the NFL, you probably often seen similar rates, “Denver” handicap “+2.5” and “New York” handicap “-2.5.”

This means that if you bet on the “Denver”, it must score in the match at least three points more than your opponent, but if you put on the “New York”, it should not lose more than two points to his opponent, make your bid.

This is done in order to equalize the teams’ chances. That is, according to bookmakers, the odds that the “Denver” will be able to win by three points, roughly equal probability that the “Denver” will not be able to do this.

Unfortunately, on sports betting bookmakers will never give you a head start on a similar coefficient of 2.00. It will be about 1.91. So, in order to remain in positive territory at even money bets, you need to win at least 53 of the 100 of its rates. It is much more complicated than it seems at first glance, more than 55% winning bets is a serious figure.

  1. Home field advantage

Traditionally, the price of home field advantage in the NFL is equal to three points. So if you see a line that on a team that acts as a master of the match, set handicap “-3” points, which means that bookmakers evaluate the chances of both teams 50 to 50. The home is given an advantage simply because they play at the home stadium.

Accordingly, if the team change places, the now former guests will be quoted as the favorite with odds “-3”.

In order to determine what will be the lead when they will play with his rival in his field, it is enough to take away from the proposed odds “6”. For example, if the “Boston” is playing at home with “New York”, and it is given a head start, “-4.5”, then if the game between these teams will be held in New York, put on “Boston” you can handicap “1.5.” This should help you to better assess the chances of a team to success.

  1. Betting outsiders


It is clear that most players put on favorites. But ther are those who risk and give it to outsiders. As a rule, given high rates of underdog and pretty big odds.

A small example. Over the past ten seasons in the NFL underdog, which he was given a head start, “10” and more “punch” in its 54% of the cases. This shows that the market odds in NFL games is not ideal. Although the point here, including in psychology. Few dare to put on an outsider.