Online Gambling Games

Online Gambling Games

February - 27 - 2017

Bingo has come a long way since it was first played in the 1500s in Italy. It was popular then – and quickly spread throughout Europe and to the USA. The internet explosion of the 1990s helped grow the global audience for bingo even further, and today’s mobile bingo apps make it as easy for someone in London or Lahore to simply log on and enjoy this thrilling and fun universal game.

The wide appeal of bingo is unquestioned – with today’s players including people of both genders and all ages. In fact in the UK the majority of bingo player are now in the 20 – 35 age category, thanks in great part to the popularity of mobile bingo apps.

Bingo old-style

What was once a regular weekly night out for the ladies; a chance to socialize and maybe win the jackpot prize, has been transformed into a global game where players can now interact with each other around the world and share in the fun and excitement of playing for big money prizes.

Mobile bingo

Whether you’re looking for something to kill a few minutes or longer while waiting or commuting, downloading a mobile bingo app for your Android or iOS device will offer you a multitude of fun features and special sign up deals to make your online bingo experience an exceptional one.


The latest bingo trend

But it doesn’t stop there – bingo has continued to innovate, and again thanks to the power of social media bingo has now found a new audience in the form of those who participate in Underground Bingo.

What’s underground bingo you ask? It’s a spin off from what was the previous (latest) trend – music bingo – and is usually hosted at secret venues only promoted through social media pages to the in-the-know crowd, especially through Twitter. Think bingo and clubbing and a stag or hen party all thrown together and you’ll get a feel for what’s involved in underground bingo.

Lots of spice, hype, and fun and excitement for clubbers and partygoers looking for something just a little different, and often organized as one-off events in major cities – they gather a loyal following which turns up to each event to enjoy all the best of clubbing and bingo. It’s super social, fantastically fun, and extremely entertaining – that’s why it’s so popular.

There’s no wonder that bingo is the world’ most loved game, from its early days appearing online this simple yet enduringly fun game has continued to evolve and produce a wide range of spin off variants to cater for all audiences, a fact that will help it continue as one of the most played games anywhere across the globe.

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